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Georgia Storm Shelters

In case you are outdoors when a tornado strikes, your first top priority is to obtain someplace safe as quickly as possible. If you are in a vehicle, do not leave it. You will be much safer in the automobile than you would be beyond the car. Avoid driving under bridges or overpasses throughout a twister. If you are able, get to a place where you are lower than the road is, then you will wish to cover your head with your hands up until the twister passes.

Twisters commonly come out of nowhere, so you should recognize with your emergency situation plan at all times and see to it your household is similarly conscious of the strategy. You may even wish to settle on a household meeting area in case you need to leave your home and you get separated from your member of the family at the same time. This will give the whole family assurance in an emergency situation.

While, statistically talking, tornadoes usually start in between 3pm and 9pm, you need to know that they can begin at any time of the day or night. Being prepared for a twister whenever it strikes is among the very best things you can do to secure yourself and your family. You can never ever be too prepared for the danger of twisters.

Are you aware that a storm shelter or safe space can save you and your liked ones lives? Contact Great American Storm Shelters today to get more information. Some states have refund programs for purchasing a storm shelter. Contact us to learn more information. If you stay in Texas, we have more information about refunds under our “Locations Serviced” section of our website.

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