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Storm Shelters For Sale In Georgia

Below are answers to the most common concerns about Excellent American Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms.

1. Exactly what takes place if I get caught in my storm shelter or safe room?

Response: All in ground storm shelters come equipped with a 2,000 lb hand winch which can be used to pry the door open if debris was to fall on top of the door. Upon setup of your shelter or safe site we will offer you with the GPS place of your shelter. You will then have to let your regional emergency officials understand you have a storm shelter and supply them with these GPS collaborates. All safe space doors swing ready for the inside of the shelter, therefore the door can not be blocked by debris.

2. Exactly how long does it require to set up a storm shelter or safe space?

Response: Regular setup time for the in ground shelters is 4-6 hours and a safe site takes around 1 hour to install.

3. Exactly what if I accidentally drive my automobile on top of my in ground shelter?

Response: You will not damage the shelter by inadvertently driving your automobile over the shelter. Nonetheless, we do not recommend extended parking on top of the shelter.

4. Can I keep belongings in my safe room?

Answer: You can save belongings in your safe space. Every safe room is geared up with a deadbolt. Nonetheless, make certain there is sufficient area in the safe room for all of your household in case of an emergency situation.

5. Can I take my shelter or safe space with me when I move?

Answer: Safe rooms can be eliminated, transported and set up in your brand-new house. Due to the long-term nature of setup, the in ground shelters can not be moved.

6. Is there monetary help to assist me pay for my shelter?

Response: Commonly times when a neighborhood has actually been devastated by a tornado, FEMA will provide financial support because location. Examine with you regional EMA to learn if your county is presently offering assistance.

7. Exactly how are the in ground shelters and safe rooms ventilated?

Answer: The safe sites have 2 removable vents on the door. The vents supply plenty of ventilation and can be gotten rid of if required. The in ground shelters have a two piece moving cover. There are 2 vents in the lid.

8. Do the shelters have lights or fans?

Answer: Aside from the hand winch, we do not provide or include accessories with our shelters. We feel that it is more expense effective for you to purchase these low-cost items at your regional hardware establishment. This helps us keep our expense down and pass the cost savings onto you.

9. Should I get a in-ground shelter or safe space?

Answer: There are many factors to think about when deciding which sort of shelter is best for your family. Exist any elderly, wheelchair bound, or individuals with difficulty pacing stairs that may use the shelter? Do I have a fear of being underground? Exactly how big is my garage or carport? Can I manage to lose the area needed for a safe space? The number of people will be making use of the shelter? Do I plan to store valuables in the shelter?

10. Exactly what is the primary step in getting a shelter to safeguard my home?

Answer: Just offer us a call at the number below or email us at

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